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Barber Cut Lite: Simply Slicing Through the Competition


Barber Cut Lite, the new prize redemption game just released from Namco America Inc., is making the cut!  With its simplistic game play, versatile prize mix capabilities, and its vibrant attractiveness, Barber Cut is setting new standards for the coin-op industry.  Currently Barber Cut Lite is at multiple different test locations in the American Market and is raking in unprecedented numbers:






Barber Cut Lite ranks first in all venues, competing with close to 75 other games out earning all other prize merchandisers, including the latest and greatest competition in the business. The fascinating aspect of this game is that it shows players that it is actually possible to win.  There are no cheap consolation prizes, and no lightning fast electronics that would make players skeptical of their odds. Namco has developed a cutting-edge game to sharpen your location and bring record setting revenues for the new year. 



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                                                                                 About Namco America Inc (NAI).

NAI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holding Corp. NAI is committed to providing the ultimate interactive entertainment experience. NAI uses cutting-edge technology and advanced electronics to take their coin-operated video games far beyond traditional entertainment.  Namco Bandai Holding Corp., which also has business related interests in films, toys, health equipment, consumer video software, and restaurants, is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and owns a number of other subsidiary entertainment companies around the globe. 



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